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Homemade Moisturizing Shaving Cream (Fast & Easy)

1 cup of any shampoo (I used Herbal Essences Colour Me Happy that family left) 

1 cup conditioner (again… I used Herbal Essences Colour Me Happy that family left) 

5 Tablespoons lotion or cream (I used Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works)

5 Tablespoons coconut oil (warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds)

Mine came out a little pinkish because the shampoo and conditioner I used.

After I mixed up all of the ingredients I took a whiff of the cream and it smelt absolutely AMAZING.

This recipe is GREAT I am so glad I tried it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting a homemade (fast & easy) shaving cream.

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Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub.


Today I ran out and got this product, I was kind of iffy buying this scrub because I had never heard of this brand. But I did buy it. I DO NOT REGRET IT.

I have used exfoliating products but non of them really did anything for me. This is the BEST exfoliating and cleansing scrub there is (that I know of) Before I washed my face there were little tiny bumps around my nose and noticeable clogged pores all over my face (I ran out of face wash so I didn’t wash my face for like three days) there are always bumps around my nose even if I wash my face twice a day (I thought it was normal) but after I used this they all went away! All of them!I LOVE this scrub SOO much it also made a new pimple go away! It also doesn’t dry out your face like some face washes do. 

If you have rough skin you WILL want to use this daily for about a week or two but, after that I’d only use it once or twice a week because it does dry out skin after you use it for a while.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that needs an exfoliating wash.

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How to get the best results out of any face wash

To get the best results out of face wash you want to,

  1. Rinse you face with warm water this will open up your pores to get a deeper cleanse.
  2. Apply your face wash and gently massage your entire face for about a minute.
  3. Wash your face off with cold water, this will close your pores
  4. Then moisturize. If you have oily skin use a oil free moisturizer  

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Homemade face primers.

Make-up primers are the main key to a long lasting makeup look; good primers generally range within the price range to 10-30 American dollars here are two recipes for primers that cost under 10 dollars.

Face Primer: Prevents your foundation from creasing

  • 3 Tbsp. moisturizer or face lotion
  • 3 Tbsp. aloe vera (preferably clear but the green will work)
  • 1 ½ Tbsp. foundation (that matches your skin tone)
  • empty lotion bottle or crock (sterilized)

Eyeshadow Primer: Makes your eye shadow stay on all day 

  • ½ tsp foundation (that matches your skin tone)
  • ½ tsp moisturizer or face lotion
  • 1-5 toothpicks to mix
  • old eyeshadow container (washed and dried thoroughly)

I hope you enjoy!

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Black tea hair rinse

Why to rinse your hair with black tea:

  1. Caffeine present in black tea helps in decreasing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone found in the scalp which causes hair loss. Therefore, black tea helps in increasing hair thickness and lowering hair loss.
  2. Add shine
  3. Darken (NOT permanent lasts about 1 to 2 weeks)
  4. Stimulates hair growth.
  5. 100% natural hair dye that isn’t permanent or damaging 


      2-4 black tea bags

      5-8 cups of water

Heat up water then, add the tea bags and let sit until water is room temperature. Then you can either pour the tea on your hair or put it in a spray bottle and spray until wet. Leave in for 15 minutes I recommend putting all your hair in a hair net. Then dry your hair. Enjoy your now healthy and slightly darker hair!! 

Tell me how this works out for you if you decide to do this!!! I love it!

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7 ways to make you hair healthy again.

  1. DO NOT brush your hair while wet, this will rip and stretch you hair
  2. When shampooing massage your scalp, this will create a healthy natural oil that is also great for growing out your hair.
  3. After your shower, rinse your hair in diluted vinegar (half water half vinegar), this will soften your hair and balance it’s ph.
  4. Trim your hair every two/three months, this will get rid of split, dead, and stretched ends.
  5. Always use heat protectant when using heat to style your hair.
  6. Use deep conditioners or masks once or twice a week to re-hydrate your hair.
  7. NEVER pull your hair into a tight bun or ponytail, this will make your hair fall out.

I use all of these methods and they all work great, my hair has never been this healthy!! I highly recommend all of these methods. 

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